Large Ensembles

Triple Concerto (2011-12)
For Piano Trio and Orchestra

Gravitas (2010-11)
For Orchestra
Available on Naxos

Violin Concerto (2017-18)
For Violin and Chamber Orchestra

The Charm Offensive (2013)
For Soprano and Orchestra

Rudiments (2009)
For Chamber Ensemble

Incident (2013-14)
An Opera in One Act, for 2 tenors, baritone, bass, countertenor, men’s chorus, and mixed chamber ensemble
Watch a performance of the orchestral suite Incident Tableaux Part One here

Talking Earth (2017)
For Brass Band

Chamber Music

Dulcet Tones (2016-17)
For Piano Trio
Watch a performance here, available on Rattle Records

Crazing (2021)
For Violin and Percusstion
Watch a performance here

Group Velocity (2019-20)
For Sheng, Percussion, Guitar, Guzheng, Violin and Viola

Suite for String Quartet (2009)
Watch a performance here, available on Rattle Records
Score available here

Buffer (2020-21)
For Flute, Guitar and Electronics
Watch a performance here

Sumi (2020)
For Shō and Alto Recorder
Watch a performance here

Wax Lyrical (2008)
For Chamber Octet, available on Wai-te-ata Music
Score available here

Water Features (2014)
For Clarinet, Cello and Guitar

Three Details (2012)
For Guitar, fixed-media Electronics and 4-8 Sustaining Instruments

Leggiero (2010)
For Trombone Quartet

Reverse Assembly (2017-18)
For Shō, Recorder, Guitar, 2 Koto and Violin
Watch a performance here

Going Like Mad (2008)
For Piano, Four Hands, available on Rattle Records

Choruses (2015)
For Shō, Koto and Recorder

Solo Instrument

Plateaux (2016/17)
For Percussion Solo
Available on Rattle Records

Inward Goes (2017)
For Flute Solo
Watch a performance here, available on Rattle Records

Friends of Distinction (2017-18)
For Piano Solo, available on Rattle Records

Siteswap (2019)
For Horn
Watch a performance here

Mixed Media

Genome (2016)
A collaboration with choreographer Loughlan Prior, film-maker Jeremy Brick and visual artist Max Patté. Fixed-media Electronics.